Project Brief:

The American Association of Orthodontists held the 2022 Annual Session at the Miami Beach Convention Center from May 21-24.

The Challenge:

Although it was a large-scale event, we were given the challenge of photographing coverage in a journalistic style across the 3-day conference, from smaller events within the conference to orthodontic staff lectures, exhibit halls, and the overall convention center.

Armed with rigorous and detailed photography schedules, the Zorzi Creative Team provided the AAO with same-day photos that were posted to social media.


Our photographers worked on big and small events like alumni reunion beach parties, an awards luncheon, a residents’ reception at a nightclub, the Global Reception, and a celebration event/beach party. We also managed to capture smaller-scale elements of the conference– specialized educational programs, breakfast meetings with short award programs, an employment fair, and VIP photo shoots after selected events.


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