Thrive Farmers

Thrive Farmers was founded to break the cycle of poverty in farming by building inclusive supply chains among the world’s most marginalized populations.

Project Brief:

Zorzi Creative was brought on to work side by side with the Thrive marketing team to create printed and digital goods on a regular basis.

The Challenge:

Thrive Farmers has been an established organization since 2009 but has struggled to stay consistent with its brand use across platforms.

Thrive Farmers is an award-winning “Best for the World” Certified B Corporation. Every day, Thrive Farmers meets the world’s most rigorous, verified standards of social and environmental performance. 

Zorzi Creative stepped in to develop and execute a cohesive strategy that showcased their brand consistently and effortlessly across these various platforms.

From tabletop signage and menu boards in coffee shops to shelf strips and posters in grocery stores, we’ve created designs that are consistent yet flexible.

We’re proud to play a small part in Thrive’s global footprint through the power of design.


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